Вибет – самое надежное казино

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Umer Tariq is a representation of a profitable business. We are dealing in real-estate investments and digital media. We thrive on challenges to excel from our competitors, making us most competent and edgy in our services.

The business works on the collaboration of experts, entrepreneurs’ ideas, and teamwork’s dedication. We have been providing real estate services since 1990 and have been working in digital media for quite some time now. Get in touch with us to boost your business. 

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The award-winning design team at Appleshapple, a top web design firm, develops a flexible and efficient digital presence that captures your brand, increases conversion rates, and optimizes reach to support the expansion of your company while generating profit. 

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Digital management
We manage your brand from start to end, following all aspects of marketing traits. Contact us with your idea, and we will take of your dream.
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Project Consulting
Take the guesswork out. Consult our business experts, who have expertise in various industries ranging from startups to large corporations.
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Brand Identity Creation
Our media team works magic and designs art that attracts and lives through generations. The videography services are top-notch.
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Agent Centre

Agents Centre is a real-estate network hub connecting businesses with businesses. We bring trust and disclosure to real-estate businesses reaching the international market.

We are a hub of real estate connectivity. Our agents connect real estate brokers with brokers increasing business and keeping the business fluent. We aim to take the real estate business internationally, creating opportunities and opening foreign doors.


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Urban Property Group is real estate company providing services form land acquisition to design and construction. Urban Property Group understand your needs and the vision of your dream home. We strive to make distinctive identity in the competitive real estate sector. 

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